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Who we are

Musica Proibita Management, is a Musical Association that was born with the aim of promoting, spreading and giving visibility to emerging musical artistic realities, with particular attention to the world of young opera singers.

All this thanks to the presence of illustrious artists of international renown, who lend themselves to guiding young people through high specialization courses.

They deal with the conception, promotion and realization of these events, aimed at the artistic, cultural and musical growth of each individual artist. 

During the study days the students will work on the deepening of the technique of opera singing, repertoires and will have the opportunity to be auditioned and selected for concerts and productions of future shows, organized by the Association.

The Association organizes an International Opera Competition to win roles to perform the staging of complete operas with scenography, choir, costumes and orchestral ensemble, as well as awarding scholarships and other prizes to the winners. 

OF considerable importance is the agreement that Musica Proibita Management has established with aTexas university that would send its students of opera singing to follow the Masterclasses and cultural and musical training courses in the Summer Artist Program that takes place annually in Bergamo.

The participants, in this period, in addition to the study, will perform in concerts and staging of operas, always complete with scenography, choir and orchestra, will work with internationally renowned directors, will have the opportunity to be auditioned and to be able to work with theater superintendents, agencies and important singing masters.

The Staff

Fabrizio Brancaccio
Direttore Artistico

Katia Di Munno 
Maria Gemma Cosco

Davide Bottarelli 

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