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Do I have to speak Italian ?

All classes will be taught in Italian and English. Having a working knowledge of the language of a foreign country you are visiting always helps, so get out that dictionary!


Is the class size limited?

The Opera Vocal Program is limited to twenty students.

The group class are limited to 10/14 students at a time.


What music should I bring for the Opera program?

° Students must arrive with the Opera Role that they will perform  


° Bring 4 opera arias and 2 sacred musica pieces to work on   

   in your lessons, this will also give us some choices when 

   selecting your concert pieces. 


Will parents and friends be able to come to any performances?

The recitals will be open to the public free of charge.


Will I need to have a car for daily activities and classes?

No, everything will take place at Seminario Vescovile, Citta Alta Bergamo.


Is air travel included in the program cost?

No, you must purchase your airline tickets independently

What time of day do people arrive and depart the program?

Arrival time is between 11:00 - 17: 00 at 

The Seminario Vescovile, Citta Alta Bergamo, Italy.


Can I come a day or two early or stay on afterwards?

Yes, this can be arranged. You need to advise us via email as the program only covers the accommodation for the duration of the course.

Do I need any electrical appliances, such as a hairdryer ?

Yes you must bring your own hairdryer and iron. If you find it 

necessary to bring something, you will need a transformer for 

European current as well as an adaptor plug to fit into the wall 

outlet (adaptors can also be found locally in hardware stores).

If absolutely necessary, keep in mind that for small appliances like curling irons or electric razors, you will need a standard converter for European voltage (110: 220). You can purchase these in stores that carry travel accessories. You will also need a plug adapter to enable the U.S. plug to fit the European model (a plug with two round prongs). Many small, portable “travel” hair-dryers are made specifically with dual voltage to eliminate the need for a converter, although you will still need an adapter.


What kind of internet service is there ?

The Seminario is equipped with wifi.


What kind of laundry facilities are there?

Try to bring enough clothes with you to not waste time on laundry. Many people do hand washing their sinks. 

There are also “lavanderias” in town where they will wash individual items but it can take several days.

Carry-on Luggage:

We cannot urge you more strongly to pack a basic overnight bag as part of your carry-on luggage with a change of clothes, 

sleepwear, basic toiletries, medications, and any other essentials you might need incase of late luggage arrival.


Be prepared to bring clothes for hot weather.

Dress during the day is informal but please dress with decorum.



Men are expected to perform in coat & tie (dress shirt) 

while women should plan to appear in dressy (summery) 

cocktail-style dresses or full-length dresses are appropriate. Please be sure to bring appropriate dress shoes. 

Opera participants will be contacted directly by Stage Director 

regarding their performance attire.



All medications should be packed in your carry-on luggage so that you take no risk in losing them . Additionally, you should keep a list of any prescription medications you rely on (in case of loss) as well as phone numbers of your physician. Your health insurance policy information should also be readily available.

Sheets & Towels:

Will be provided 

What other options exist for eating in the town?

There are an array of small restaurants, cafes, and pizzerias all 

within walking distance.

Does the Meal Plan offer options for Vegetarians?

The meals are served buffet style with a wide range of choice for several courses, and there are many options for vegetarians.

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